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Early Intervention, Aquatic Therapy, and Off-site Occupational Therapy Sessions

OT provided in school settings, home settings, playgrounds, daycares, pool, and any other settings outside the clinic may at times provide a more appropriate environment for learning and your child improving his/her skills. 

Rate: $225 per 55 minutes including 5 minute consult with caregiver

Early Intervention

Early intervention is for children birth to 3 years of age where therapy may be better suited in the home, especially for feeding skills development. The clinic setting however provides more therapeutic options and is usually recommended for children 2 and up. 

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is an excellent adjunct to land therapy especially if the child has lower tone or is rehabilitating from an injury which requires range of motion and strengthening improvement without the full force of gravity. 


Children may be seen at their daycare if training is needed for the caregiver, feeding, and/or facilitation of social skills is the focus for the session(s). 


Preschools are important environments in developing social and motor skills. Facilitation of skill development and/or training in sensory diets for the teachers may be best achieved with some sessions occurring in this natural environment. 

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